Network pharmacies can help support your patients prescribed DIFICID

Patient support features include:

  • Information and assistance regarding access to therapy (including benefits investigation and reimbursement requirements)
  • Product availability
  • Next-day delivery of medicationsa
  • Disease-related educational materials for patients
  • 24-hour patient counseling services

DIFICID is available at pharmacies in and out of the network. Check with your pharmacy to learn what features they offer to patients. Merck does not support the use of any particular pharmacy, and one is not preferred over the others. Merck does not make any warranty as to the features and support offered by any particular pharmacy.

aAfter any prior authorization, if required, is approved.

Click below to find a speciality pharmacy near you where DIFICID tablets may be available

If you are interested in becoming part of the speciality pharmacy network for DIFICID, please contact a dedicated representative at 1-800-642-6915 to learn how to get more information on eligibility requirements.

Before prescribing DIFICID® (fidaxomicin), please read the Prescribing Information.

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