WINREVAIR™ (sotatercept-csrk) Now Available

Learn More About What to Expect When Prescribing WINREVAIR™ (sotatercept-csrk)

What to expect when initiating your patient on WINREVAIR

  • Understanding dosage and administration
  • Working with the Specialty Pharmacy Network
  • The Merck Access Program Overview
Learn More About the WINREVAIR™ (sotatercept-csrk) Dosing and Administration Guide

Dosage and administration guide

A guide to:

  • Recommended dosing
  • Preparation and administration
  • Dosage forms and strengths

The Merck Access Program (MAP) for WINREVAIR

The MAP for WINREVAIR may be able to provide information about patient insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs for WINREVAIR, co-pay assistance for eligible, commercially-insured patients, and how patients may access WINREVAIR.

For questions about WINREVAIR, call 1-855-4WINREVAIR.